GMMN Casablanca-Mohammed V Airport

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GMMN Casablanca-Mohammed V Airport

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Welcome to Casablanca, Morocco.

Located a short 30km away from the city, Mohammed V International Airport is the busiest airfield in the north African country, seeing just under eight million passengers passing through the gates annually.

The airport is a hub for Air Arabia Maroc, Royal Air Maroc and it's subsidiary Royal Air Maroc Express and has year-round service to hundreds of destinations, including most of the world's aviation centres courtesy of both Royal Air Maroc and numerous other flag carriers serving the airport. This means that Casablanca sees all manner of aircraft arriving and departing from its two long runways, with space for the largest of jets and smallest of GA aircraft.

The perfect summer tourist destination, the city Casablanca is packed with history and places to explore, in addition to being an economic and business centre both for the country and the continent as a whole.

Axonos' rendition of the airport is faithful to the real thing, with Prealsoft's original ESP-platform scenery now represented in a beautiful new light in X-Plane 11. With modern features like the use of the Scenery Animation Manager plugin by Stairport to create realistic moving effects, this scenery is a true fit for flight simulation in 2020.

Feature List:

- Complete rendition of Casablanca-Mohammed V International Airport.

- Integration with SAMv2: Animated jetways and Visual Docking Guidance System displays.

- Uses 14.9cm per pixel imagery.

- Optional airport setting changes to accommodate low-end PCs.

- Static aircraft, a toggleable setting.

- Compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux platforms.

- Conversion of the original ESP-platform scenery by Prealsoft, with X-Plane 11 modernization.

- Created by Axonos (formerly JustAsia)

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