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YPPH Perth International Airport

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YPPH Perth International Airport

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Fly right into the western capital of Australia! Home to Qantas’ first Project Sunrise flights, Perth Airport serves as an increasingly important gateway into Asia and Europe, the first direct, non-stop flight from Oceania to Europe commenced in 2018, with Qantas connecting London to Australia, operating daily return flights with a Boeing 787-9 from Perth.

With over 2.4 million people living in the wider metropolitan area, it is Australia’s 4th largest city, situated on the southwestern edge of the Australian continent, the CBD straddles next to the beautiful Swan River as it overlooks into the Indian Ocean.

Axonos is proud to present to the X-Plane community the first comprehensive recreation of Perth Intl.

Airport in Flight Simulation. Axonos’s rendition of Perth includes major Perth CPD landmarks for a more immersive approach and departure experience. Our first in-house scenery, we have prided ourselves in putting equal amount of effort across the entire airfield with fully custom 3d models, all textured with 4K PBR in Substance. The groundwork received the same amount of detailing, also authored with Substance and based on Pyreegue’s ALES V2 ground texture work. All brought to life with animated ground vehicles; catering trucks to working on the airside of the airport, with the landside decorated with custom foliage, populated with cars and buses as they pick up and drop off passengers.

Feature List:

- Axonos’s first in-house scenery development

- The latest airport layout and developments

- Custom 3d modelling and assets throughout

- PBR texturing in 4K

- Detailed airside and landside

- Living and breathing with dynamic moving vehicles

- Detailed Groundwork with PBR texturing

- High resolution orthoimagery

- Perth CBD modelled

- Accurate and stunning night lighting

- Compatible with World Traffic 3 & Traffic Global

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